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Test, test always be up-to-date

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Hardware PCB and enclosure

For the enclosure I go for the Hammond 1551KTBU. It’s not that expensive and looking cool (blue). And it fits all the hardware. There are only a few SMD components so easy to solder.

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Hardware version 0.000001

Hi all,

Suggested hardware: small microcontroller powered by 2 AA batteries controlling a WiFly module. IP and/or SSID setting by 2 leds and a push button. Did I miss something?

Well, click the hardware menu item for an initial schematic.

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Some images …

Some images. It’s iPhone here but this could also be Android, Phone 7, OS-X, Windows, ….

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At first, a proof-of-concept

Hi all, this blog will be about unlocking all the telemetry data from Hitec RC systems and display them on whatever device. My goal is to produce a plug and play system that works out-of-the-box. And for all geeks like me: all hard- and software will be open source and can be modified to whatever needs.

Imagine what you can do with this:

  • Display all telemetry data real time on your tablet, laptop or PC.
  • Combine this with real time GPS data displayed in e.g. Google Earth
  • Log all the data for after-flight analyses
  • Share and compare your flight with friends
  • Great for competitions

In a few words let me explain how it works. Hitecs 2.4 GHz TX module (called Spectra) contains a so-called ‘data port’ connector. Besides firmware updates the ‘data-port’ also holds ‘telemetry data’ like RX voltage and all the other sensor info if a sensor station is connected.

I’ve created a little piece of hardware that connects to the data port, the Spectra things it’s a HP22 and spits out all telemetry data. Than my little piece of hardware routes all data to a $30 WiFi module. Your tablet, laptop or connects to the WiFi module and voila, with the proper application all data is available.

The project is not finished but here’s my proof-of-concept:

Have a nice day !

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